5 Effective Video Marketing Strategies to Increase Conversions

5 Effective Video Marketing Strategies to Increase Conversions

A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words.

A video, after all, is worth a thousand photographs. This is also why video marketing has become an essential component of any internet marketing plan.

There's a reason behind this. The primary goal of every internet marketing campaign is to convert people. To pique their curiosity enough for them to join up, fill out your contact form, or buy from you.

That is something I believe you would agree with. Why would you devote so much of your time to producing content after content to reach individuals you hardly know?

Video marketing is gaining traction because of how simple it is to consume. This is why, if done correctly, a video attracts a larger audience than, say, an informative blog.

The statistics bear this out. The video will account for 75% of mobile traffic according to recent statistics.

In this piece, we'll go through five video marketing methods that can help you boost conversions.

1- Use interactive video to engage your viewers.

Customer preferences might shift on the go. Trends ebb and flow. Even viral material fades over time. To keep audiences engaged, you must provide them with something of interest.

Marketers are increasingly embracing interactive video to do this. These are videos in which viewers may participate and influence the outcome. It's similar to how multiple-choice games operate. You construct a tale that is malleable, allowing viewers to make multiple choices for different results.

Interactive videos, in some ways, present us with experiences that static information cannot. Instead of being a passive experience, the medium pushes the viewer to take action. This encourages participation.

Consider Mended Little Hearts, a charity for children with congenital heart disease that utilizes an interactive movie to demonstrate how contributing money might improve the lives of children who suffer from the condition.

2- Make it brief but engaging.

The average internet user has a shorter attention span than a goldfish. That is why we prefer to scan stuff rather than read every word and then move on. Getting people's attention requires demonstrating value right away. Consider it a five-minute marketing speech that you must deliver to investors to sell them your concept.

The same is true for video marketing. You can't just publish long videos and expect people to watch them all the way through. If you want to convert viewers, your video material must be brief. And it has to be tasty.

Businesses may now do this more easily thanks to several social media sites. Consider Facebook's autoplay video function. As viewers navigate across their news feeds, videos begin to play automatically. If your video isn't intriguing enough to keep viewers' attention, they'll leave within a few seconds. According to statistics, the average retention rate for 90-second films is 53%, while those longer than 30 minutes retain only 10%.

3- Don't make it appear to be a commercial.

When a commercial comes on, what do we generally do? We change the channel. Commercials may have worked in the past. But now we have little screens in our pockets; cellphones that provide us with a wealth of other interesting information that we would rather view.

The point is, that viewers have more reasons than ever before to "turn the channel" on your video. Are you going to post a video on your social media channel? People will probably skip over it if all it's attempting to do is sell.

No one watches an ad voluntarily unless it delivers something valuable in exchange for their time. Viewers are more inclined to interact with your material if they gain anything from the experience. This "something" might be a piece of comedy or a value proposition. Something one-of-a-kind that could entice them to convert.

Consider a classic Christmas advertisement by Heathrow Airport in which two grandparents (represented as teddy bears) endure a long journey to London. Throughout the voyage, the airport personnel is there to assist them in making this journey as comfortable as possible until the pair finally meets their family.

It's a very moving advertisement. It tugs at your emotions, reminding you of how exciting it is when families finally come together around the holidays, and how the travel is all worth it in the end. Most importantly, it helps you appreciate all that Heathrow Airport offers for passengers.

4- Include lead capture forms in the video.

A lead-capture trick is to show your lead-capture activities right away. Lead capture forms, for example, are frequently placed on the first page of app developers' websites or landing pages.

So, how can you accomplish this in a video? How do you persuade individuals to convert while they are still watching a video?

With a Turnstile, it is conceivable. This function is available on several online video platforms. You may use it to place a lead capture form anywhere in your video. It's an excellent approach to acquiring high-quality leads, such as emails or first and last names, which may help you tailor your follow-up emails.

5- Make use of your items to educate your target audience.

People learn more effectively when they can envision the topic matter. This is why visual information, such as charts or movies, maintains students' attention longer than monotonous lectures.

You may use the same strategy if you want your movies to not only be seen but also converted to consumers.

Some brands do a good job at this. Consider Home Depot, which broadcasts instructional films that show customers how to use or assemble its items. In the how-to arena, the brand has thousands of subscribers and around 45 million views. Home Depot provides individuals more reasons to become paying customers by exhibiting its items and educating them on how to utilize them.

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