The Top 3 Video Marketing Obstacles and How to Avoid Them

The Top 3 Video Marketing Obstacles and How to Avoid Them

 Why aren't you utilizing video to market your business? What is the first thing that springs to mind when I ask you that question?

I recently asked this question to clients, coworkers, and business acquaintances in an informal poll. I'm going to give you their top three replies. And the most persuasive reason for not utilizing video in marketing was, by far, the most compelling reason.

What piqued my interest was that no one said anything along the lines of:

  • Video has no intrinsic value.
  • Alternatively, I do not believe video will benefit my business in any way.

And they're right! The vast majority of business owners appreciate video's enormous significance.

The Section for the People

From the audience's perspective, video is the next best thing to being there. You can connect with others on a personal and emotional level. You have the advantage of being able to use both your hearing and vision. In a brochure, a website, or an article like this one, you may create a tone, a personality, and a narrative that words alone cannot convey. (And, yes, this article is also available on my website as a video!)

The Influence of Video

One approach to evaluating any potential marketing strategy is to look at it from two perspectives: the people side and the technology side. And video takes the top spot in both categories. So, let's have a look at the film from these two perspectives:

Technical Aspects

From a technical standpoint,

  • Video may increase the traffic to your website by up to 300 percent (MarketingSherpa, December 2011).
  • Videos outperform web pages in search results.
  • In addition, videos have been demonstrated to keep users on your website for longer lengths of time. To put it another way, they increase the stickiness of your website.
  • Also, video consumption is on the rise. On YouTube alone, 27 million videos are seen every 10 minutes.

Some of the reasons why you should avoid using video are as follows.

The most prevalent reason for business owners not using video to advertise their firm is OVERWHELM! 44 percent are intimidated by technology, the process, what to say, how to dress, how to edit, how to upload videos to their website as well as to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, and how to do video SEO, and so on.

As previously noted, there is a learning curve. But the work is totally worth it. And you CAN learn video marketing if you have someone to show you the ropes, help you maximize your time, and equip you to repeat the process. You will waste a lot of time if you try to "do it alone."
Lynn Ruby teaches companies how to understand internet marketing in plain English and how to execute it successfully so they can say, "Yes, my internet marketing makes me money AND I feel good about it!"

Some of the reasons why you should avoid using video are as follows.

18% of those questioned expressed dissatisfaction with how they seem and/or sound in the video. This is a mental issue. And now for some hard love from me to you.

You look and sound the same whether you've ever been in front of a camera or not. You just have a different mental image of how you look and sound. And, to be honest, that vision just exists in your head.

We wouldn't keep connecting with you if we didn't like what we see and hear when we're not inside your head, would we? As a result, you must let go of that erroneous image.
If you are unable to do so, you will be forced to stay at home permanently. So just accept it! There are techniques for portraying oneself on camera that will assist you in "getting over it" - both visually and vocally!

Facing this issue and implementing specific strategies to improve your video presence are also fantastic tools for personal growth and strengthening face-to-face interaction.

Some of the reasons why you should avoid using video are as follows.

It takes far too long. The video was regarded as too time-consuming by 16% of those questioned. Here are some actions they - and you - can take:

Learning how to make video effectively will greatly cut our production time. You'll need the right tools, checklists, and protocols to avoid wasting time stumbling about or reinventing the wheel.

Like any new technology, video has a learning curve. The advantage is that once a video is done, you have built-in leverage. The time you put in upfront increases dramatically after your video is live, optimized, and performing for you. Over and over, that film displays your knowledge, creates rapport, discloses your narrative, and your personality, and connects on a more intimate level with your consumers and clients.
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