Profit from blogging as it should be in 2022: How to make money from blogging

Profit from blogging is clearly a skill that can bring its owners thousands of dollars, and in this post, I will teach you the exact and proven methods for mastering this ability and profiting from it.

Profit from blogging as it should be in 2022: How to make money from blogging

What is the profit from blogging?

Profit from blogging or profit by writing articles is to Create a website or blog that specializes in a certain subject and create articles aimed at visitors who will be the source of profit based on the technique you will assign to your site. So. If we want to put a simplified map that summarises the meaning and how to profit from blogging, it will be as follows:

1.-Shopping for an idea and scope for building the site.

2-Create a blog.

3-Writing articles

4) -Bring visits.

5-Profit based on the method you chose.

It seems simple, doesn't it?

It is simple if you learn, be patient, and struggle, but it is difficult if you happen to be in a hurry and want a quick profit without thinking of building a solid foundation for your site and working on building a fan base that interacts with and loves your site, and in the end, you will find profits knocking on your door without even realizing it!

Profit from blogging is really a treasure!

Did you know... profit from blogging enriches you and provides you with genuine wealth?

There is no need for me to show you the extent of certain Arab or international bloggers' revenues. You may do your own research and read hundreds of publications on the subject.

But the final point to make here is that money does not come from wishful thinking or getting attracted to a topic or video that promises a lot of reward for a small investment.

I recall the days of the proliferation of investment sites-or rather investing-such as (Traffic Monsoon-MPA and others...), which encourage you to deposit money with them in exchange for a particular rise in the quantity and size of your investment.

At the time, many sincerely praised and swore by these sites, and I was one of the people who got involved in trying these sites, although I rejected this method because it was simply illogical, it was greed!

In the end, the funds of these sites were seized, whether through PayPal or the authorities, because they follow the hierarchical marketing system or the so-called Ponzi, meaning that your money is paid to those who are at the top and those who follow them to the end of the chain, and when there is a defect or lack of funds, the system collapses, and its owner escapes. With money, you are left alone to mourn your luck.

Therefore, only the righteous will last. The correct thing is that you work hard and make your own business on the Internet on a solid basis, develop it and make it big. Then you can rest and wait for big profits.

How to earn money from blogging

They are two very popular methods that most bloggers agree on, and they are:

1-Profit from blogging and Google Adsense

This method is considered one of the favorites of a very large segment of bloggers, especially in Arabic content, due to its extreme simplicity.

And if you are a beginner and do not understand what Adsense means for bloggers, it is very simple: you search for the most profitable words and target them in your articles; display Adsense ads within them, and earn money from targeted visitor clicks.

Using the AdSense method for blogs is very profitable if your blog is specialized in a market that advertisers pay for, and you only have to make the effort to publish articles and improve them to appear on the first pages of search engines. With patience and persistence, your blog will attract significant numbers of visitors, and you will be able to achieve your first profits.

And I am not talking about feral or arbitrage, which depends on bringing visitors to your site through paid ads to profit from their clicks on Adsense ads.

This is a very difficult method, whether in terms of the high price of paid ads or the visitor's lack of interaction with AdSense ads, not to mention that many AdSense accounts are closed because of this method.

2-Affiliate Marketing

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing, which is the best for marketers, is a method that requires you to learn e-marketing skills for offers or products, and it is very profitable if you target the right product and the right segment that you need, and the affiliate is a vast sea in which you can innovate as you wish.

And even the closest picture to the novice brothers about this method, I will give a vivid example of it:

Amazon is the largest platform for selling products of all kinds and its reputation is well known all over the world. Since it always aspires to expand its profits and impose its name, it allows marketers to market its various products through its blogs in exchange for a commission they earn for each product.

Your task, as the owner of a website specializing in cosmetics, for example, is to publish articles such as "The 10 Best Skin Creams," and if the target visitor interacts with them and makes a purchase, you will get your commission. And don't bother at all with selling or returning; everything is taken care of by Amazon.

It's fun, isn't it?

Of course not. But he needs you to learn and study this method well, and think about the best ways to market his products, which are either free by relying on visitors to search engines and require time and patience, or resort to the faster method, which is to rely on paid advertising, which requires a budget and investment.

3-Profit from micro-services sites

Although I focused on Affiliate and Adsense as two popular ways to profit from blogging, there is another method through which you can also profit, which is to display your skill in writing and blogging on microservice and freelance sites, such as Fiverr and Fiverr for a fee that you specify.

 How to Earn Money from Blogging

So far we've talked about the following:

Profit from blogging is a fact that does not need proof, and it is a very profitable field.

2-The two most popular ways to profit from blogging are Adsense and commission marketing, and there is also another way, which is to provide blogging services on freelancer sites.

And now I will put you in front of the interface to understand what steps you will need to start in the method that suits you.

I will mention these steps in general because I have devoted a detailed topic to each of them.

1-Choosing the right field

Regardless of its field and style, before starting to create any site, it is necessary to think about choosing the appropriate market or niche for this site, and whether you choose the AdSense method or commission marketing, the specialization is very useful and profitable. Below are examples and ideas for blogs specializing in a particular market.

-A blog specializing in autism (its problems, treatment, methods of dealing and coexisting with the patient, nutrition, etc.).

-A blog about diabetes (its problems, treatment, nutrition, exercise, etc.).

-A blog dedicated to sleep only (its disorders, healthy sleep, insomnia, experiences, etc.).

A blog about the best diets to lose weight.

2-Buying a domain and hosting

Some may get upset when they hear the word "buy." They are used to everything being free, or they will think of relying on the free blogger blog.

I do not oppose you at all, and I do not say that Blogger is not good, but I lead you to the path that most professional bloggers and successful marketers follow, which is to rely on your own domain and hosting alone, which you control however you want, unlike Blogger, whose site is hosted by Google and may be deleted when any mistake-God forbid--is made.

Buying hosting from reputable companies means that you install the most popular script in the world, which is WordPress, which saves you from the hassle of designing your site. All you need is to plug in here and there; everything you need is easily available on this platform.

Buying hosting and installing WordPress allows you to install a beautiful and responsive template that search engines and visitors love.

Purchasing hosting and installing WordPress also allows you to install dozens of plugins that make it easier for you to manage your blog and help you adjust your articles and configure them to appear in search engines, which is very important.

3 - Building the site

After you are convinced that buying the domain and hosting for your blog is very important, and you have chosen the domain name for your site, you will have the task of creating the blog.

For those who do not know the meaning of the word domain!

It is simply the address and name of your site within the browser's domain, for example, the domain of my site is (

My intention is to build the site, which is that you install WordPress along with a beautiful template that is responsive to various devices (phones - tablets - computers), fast, and optimized for search engines, and it works for our profitable method

4 - Writing articles

It is the most important step and the beginning of real work. Good content that answers all the visitor’s questions and gives him a good experience, will undoubtedly make your site a good reputation, whether for him or for the Google search engine.

Unfortunately, mastering writing alone is not enough. Rather, your articles must attract visits so that people interact with them and do the required work (clicking on advertisements - buying a product...etc).

And if we talk about the strongest source of traffic (visits), of course, Uncle Google is always the strongest, so there is a special science that you can master to target profitable words through which you get permanent visits from search engines, which is called: SEO.

The SEO equation is based on three important things: (patience - effort - time), then an investment in buying articles from service sites if you do not have the experience and talent in writing, in the end, you will build a site on a solid foundation that receives thousands of visitors without getting tired In promoting it, the profits will enter your account monthly while you are sleeping, and this is the logical result of your constant effort and effort.

5-Profiting from blogging requires patience.

Through my modest experience in the field of profit from the Internet, I have learned the great secret behind the success of any person, which is patience and rising after failure. True. I will repeat it and say: patience and advancement after failure!

Based on studies from major marketers, out of 1,000 people who are enthusiastic and interact with a course or course specialized in the field of work from the Internet, more than 96% of those stop at the beginning or halfway because of despair, failure, and surrender, and focus on quick financial profit.

In comparison, only 2 or 4% of those who complete and eventually succeed despite all obstacles.

If you really want to succeed, set your goal to reach one real dollar in the beginning.

I am not joking or making fun of you-God forbid-but if you managed to make your first real dollar the right way, you will be able to earn two dollars easily, then you will gradually climb the dollar ladder, and then imagine the amount of experience and expertise that you will gain from your learning and your mistakes.

In the end, you will be able to achieve the real gain that you once thought was purely an illusion. Rather, your mentality will grow and you will think of moving to expand your business until you achieve the wealth you dream of.

I am not telling you to be patient for a year, 6 months, or 3 months until you win. The matter is not in this way, but rather consider this time during which you build a site, publish content, get used to WordPress and hosting, and gradually delve into SEO strategies and lead factors. I consider it training.

Even if you do not achieve any material gain during this period, you will gain in return a great deal of experience that will enable you to impose your presence in the world of work on the Internet, and many new ideas and methods will be open to you.

6 - Don't be in a hurry...don't be in a hurry...don't be in a hurry!

One of the really strange things is to find a blog that is a month or three months old, and the number of its visitors does not exceed dozens, and you see its owner rushing to submit an application to subscribe to AdSense, and it is rejected every time, which causes him grief and annoyance.

Suppose, my friend, that you are accepted, and you place 10 ads in one article, then you will most likely earn only one cent!

Reason and logic say: To forget at first Adsense and profit from it and focus on writing good content, targeting visitors and profitable words. Your acceptance - God willing -.

The same applies to the method of commission marketing, as many people think that by buying an awesome and wonderful marketing article and enabling them to attract some visitors to it, they will make them buy the first time, and this is a very wrong belief! It takes patience, building trust, and time.

What is blogging? How can I be a blogger?

Blogging in general is writing content and profiting from it by displaying it on mini-services sites, or by marketing it in a blog and targeting words and an audience to profit from them.

Which is better in blogging: Blogger platform or WordPress?

You can start with the free Blogger platform or WordPress, and there is no problem with that at all, but if you want my advice, and you want to build a real business in the coming days, then choose WordPress, because its features are very large, and it helps in the success of your blog indirectly.

How do I earn through blogging without Adsense?

You can market the products of others by creating a blog in a specialized market, and placing Amazon products, for example, or shopping for books, programs, and electronic training.

What tips can you give to make money from blogging?

Study the market well.

Study the words and the audience.

Study the competitors.

Choose a good domain and hosting.

Post good content.

Market your content.

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