Information about the world's most popular and widely used search engine "Google"

The first Google search engine in the world and the oldest search engine known to the Internet, and the most visited website in the world, what is the secret of this mighty engine? This is what we will know today in our article about what is Google, how search engines work, and the features of the Google search engine.

Google is the most popular and most used search engine around the world

 The world before Google was one thing, and after it, it became something else. Finding information was not an easy thing amid the huge amount of websites, until Google was created, which eliminated the chaos of information, so the information came to you in less than a second with speed and ease.

google company

Google is a multinational company, which carries out many technical activities such as internet data analysis, cloud computing, advertising, web applications, and operating systems, and one of the most important things it is famous for is the Google search engine, which is our talk today.

What is google

The Google search engine is a huge site that includes billions of indexed sites, among which is a huge information network.

The researcher can find any information of interest to him by entering the search word in the entry bar on the Google site. The search spiders work to find the desired information among billions of results.

Google search engine

When was the google search engine created?

The Google search engine was established in 1998 by colleagues Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and today 7 billion searches are entered daily on Google, and Google works in 116 languages.

Services provided by Google's search engine

The Google search engine is more than a means of searching, it contains many services, including:

Map service.

Browse the news.

Knowing the weather.

Reviewing stock market indices.


Spell check.

Translation services.

Email services.

Flight tickets.


Features of the google search engine

Google is the world's number one massive database.

Google is distinguished by its ability to index many sites. Google indexed 26 million sites in 2000, and that figure has now risen to one billion. Today, Google has a trillion sites that have been indexed.

Google does not only index sites, but also categorizes them and puts the most appropriate results for each search at the top, and the rest of the results come after them gradually.

As mentioned, Google offers many services that help users find various types of information, including Google Images, Google Scholar, Google News, and others.

Google can correct spelling errors, and the voice search feature; By entering the search word, and then search engines work to show the results.

The Google search engine is very fast in downloading thousands of data and information in less than one second.

One of the most beautiful features of Google Drive is its simplicity and ease of use.

In short, the most important features of the Google search engine can be summarized in (accuracy, speed, ease of use, clarity, and objectivity).

How does the Google search engine work?

Google search engine works by search spiders.

Search spiders collect information about websites, their identity, and the keywords used in their articles.

And then Google spiders store that information with high accuracy in their databases.

Google's spiders don't just store it, but they work on categorizing and arranging that information very quickly.

Google spiders store information on websites, via keywords and SEO characteristics, and anticipate what users are searching for.


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