Terms & conditions

Dear 7SRYKORA website followers and visitors, we are honored and always delighted to see you, and we hope to be at a level that satisfies some of your demands. The free services we provide are open for anybody to use and transfer; nevertheless, we do not forgive those who violate or did not comply with these rules.

  • First and foremost, do not utilize our services in any way that contradicts Islamic law.
  • Second, please do not erase our rights or our website.
  • Third, we only allow the transfer of postings, with the requirement that the source of the original article on our site is mentioned.

Policy on Publication:

  • The materials published on the site reflect the authors and the source from which the news was obtained, and do not necessarily reflect the site's perspective.

  • The site administration apologizes in advance for publishing any material that expresses intolerance or blind bias toward a group, religion, or sect, offends them, leads to sectarian and regional discord and strife, or offends religions, divine books, and the divine being, or contains words, images, and phrases that are contrary to morals and public morals, or contains any form of defamation, threats, or verbal violence.

  • The site management is not required to publish everything that comes to it, and the date and location of publishing are determined by its own technical and technological factors.

  • The administrator of this website apologizes for releasing any written or visual items that violate the law or public morality.

  • The site administrator does not pay monetary compensation for content given to it, whether or not they are published.

  • The site administrator believes that the person asking for material published on the site has read and understood these conditions.

Comment Posting Guidelines:

Visitors can leave comments using the website comments service under the following conditions:

  • Commenting should be limited to the published article.
  • Personal abuse, comments that violate public morality, and remarks that are disrespectful to the divine and heavenly faiths, as well as any kind of defamation, threats, or verbal violence, will be deleted, and any user who abuses the comments service will be banned.
  • Site management may delete or modify any remark that violates the posting rules.
  • The submitted comments do not necessarily reflect the site administration's policy or perspective.